Dousèr owner Rikkisha Candler is a Louisiana native.  She relocated to Illinois upon completing law school and receiving a job offer from a law firm in Chicago.  She still works as a Business Lawyer in Chicago and is classically trained as a French Pastry Chef.  Though she has been in Chicago for several years and loves the city she still considers herself  a southern girl and loves preparing traditional Louisiana recipes. In 2011 she formed a small sole proprietorship in order to cultivate her passion for baking while providing the highest quality products to her customers. She also wanted to incorporate a bit of her creole heritage into the new business so she named the business after the Louisiana Creole French word for “sweet".  In 2016 Dousèr expanded its business by supplying cookies to Whole Foods Market.  Dousèr caters to a variety of commercial customers and provides a vast array of baked goods, from elegant French pastries to breads that families consume every day. Rikkisha enjoys sharing her passion for all things sweet with her customers!